To Clump or Not to Clump: The Best Cat Litter to Keep Kitty’s Box Clean

It can be difficult deciding which cat litter is the best for your feline friend. There are more than 100 different brands that all claim to be the best for you. Basically, you’re going to break down your kitty litter search into five categories, and you’re going to make your purchase based on those five categories. Here’s some information about that:

1. The Cost

The cost of the litter is going to play a huge role in your decision-making, especially if you have a tight budget. Fortunately, kitty litter is versatile when it comes to pricing. You can find litter for as little as $1, or you can find it for more than $20 a bag. It just depends on what you’re comfortable spending and how that affects your household. If it hurts you or makes things difficult for you, don’t spend that amount. You can find something in your budget, but it may take you a little bit longer than you wanted.

2. The Clumping Factor

One huge decision that you will have to make is whether to buy clumping kitty litter or non-clumping kitty litter. Clumping litter is, of course, litter that forms a clump out of the cat’s feces and urine. Some people love clumping litter because it makes it easier for them to scoop it out of the box and make it clean. Some clumping litter types are safe for toilets too, although it may not be the best idea to flush it down the toilet. Clumping litter has more of a powdery texture whereas non-clumping litter may feel like crystals or tiny rocks. The clumping types are best for convenience while the non-clumping types are best for budgeting. Most of the $1 kitty litter brands are non-clumping brands.

3. The Cat’s Comfort Level and Habits

One very important factor when you’re choosing a litter brand is the cat’s comfort. Some of the non-clumping brands may be too harsh for her little feet in terms of texture. She may not feel comfortable in it. On the other hand, she may not like the strong smell of some of the other types either.

4. The Smell

The scent is something you will need to consider before you buy any brand of kitty litter. Some of the scents are strong enough to cause you and the cat to cough. Make sure that you buy a brand that you’re both comfortable with. You can find something that is “in between” in terms of the scent strength. Arm & Hammer is always a good brand when it comes to scent and effectiveness. The company offers clumping and non-clumping options that you will absolutely adore.

5. The Features

Next, you should be mindful of the features that the kitty litter you want to buy has. There are many features that you may want to have in your litter, and some of the most common are features like odor control, non-stick texture, smell-free, self-cleaning and so on. Select the type that’s best for you and your unique situation.

Top Litter Brands

As mentioned before, a whole heap of kitty litter brands and manufacturers exist. Some of the top brands for kitty litter, however, are brands like Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, Great Choice, Ever Clean, Scoop Away and more. The list doesn’t seem to end. You’ll end up with an amazing product no matter who you choose.

How to Select the Best

Now that you know how you should break down your search, you’re ready to start narrowing things down. You’ll need to read consumer reviews. Create a list of the three or four best kitty litter candidates. After you do that, visit different websites and read consumer reviews to see what people think about the products that you are considering buying. After you narrow down your list, you’ll then want to try your first brand. Make sure you only buy a small size of it. That way you won’t lose too much money in case it doesn’t turn out as expected.

Keeping all these in mind, you should be able to find the best cat litter for your cat to feel comfortable and keep your house smelling fresh. She’ll be happy that you cared enough to purchase the best litter for her.

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