Tips to Keep Your Four-Legged Companion Happy and Healthy Over the Hot Summer Months

In most parts of the world things are heating up as we enter the Summer months. For humans that means BBQ’s, pool parties, hiking, weekend getaways, or maybe just sipping an ice-cold drink while sitting in front of the fan. When planning your summer activities, it’s important to take your pets into consideration too. Just because your dog can’t speak (though we know you wish it could!) doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeling the effects of the weather too.


The most important thing to be mindful of is your dog’s hydration. Like humans, dogs need plenty of water in warmer months. Keeping the water bowl fresh and full at home is easy but you also need to think about this when you are out and about. You probably already carry around a water bottle for you, so stop into Petco and get yourself a collapsible bowl so you can share some with your four-legged friend as you go about your day.

Take Your Dog with You

Sometimes it is just easier and safer to leave your dog at home when you are out running errands or have a lunch date but we all know that guilty feeling we get when you see your dog’s face as you walk out the door. If you do take your dog with you, try to bring them inside whenever you can. Don’t ever leave them in the car if you can avoid it. If you must leave a pet in the car, always leave the windows slightly open and never for too long.

Beware of Ticks

As a pet owner, during the summer you have to be aware of more than the heat. This season is prime time for ticks and your dog could be at risk even if they are only in the backyard. On top of that, many of us take our pets into the woods for some extra exercise when we go hiking. This can be a lot of fun for both you and your pet as long as you are both protected. For us long pants and sleeves can be enough to ward off ticks but our furry friends aren’t as lucky. There are a number of natural and chemical solutions, be sure to choose the right one for your pet.

Plan Outdoor Time

No one wants to keep their pet inside all day no matter what time of year it is. Most dogs want to have a little time to play and run whether it is snowing or 100 degrees outside. Keeping your dog healthy can mean limiting their outdoor time if it is too hot though. It is best to take your dog out during the early morning hours or later in the day when the sun is not as hot. Even later in the day can make for scorching ground beneath their feet though so just keep this in mind.

Road Trip Safety

Many of us choose to hit the road during the summer and unless you have a pet-sitter, that means bringing your dog along. Some dogs are fine to sit on the lap of your passenger, or will curl up in the back seat, but this isn’t always the safest option. If you really want to make sure your dog is not going to get in the way of your driving and cause an accident that could be dangerous for you both, then make sure they are properly secured. You can do this by keeping them in their carrier, getting a dog barrier for your trunk or back seat, or even a seat that straps them in.

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