Keeping Your Home Pest Free

While pests are very common amongst homeowners, there are definitely things that you can do to help discourage pests from living inside of your home. House mice are some of the most common pests that make their way into people’s homes. We have some great tips from Fischer Environmental Services for your to follow to help keep pests outside of your home where they should be.

Close Small Holes

You would probably be very shocked as to how many small holes there are that lead to the inside of your home. Mice and small, but they need and even smaller holes to make their way into your home. Often times, mice will make their way into your home by using the vents into your crawls spaces. If you have open vents that are large, mice are easily going to slip into the space under your home and make it their new home.

If you think about all of the different wires that go into your home you can probably think of a handful. The wires into your home have to have a way into the walls. There are often very small holes on the exterior of your home that are letting the wires make their way into the home. Be sure that the wires are taking up the entire space so mice are not able to slip in next to the wires. If there are gaps and air around the wires, be sure to fill them in with a safe product to be sure that mice can not get through.

Mice will eat their way through almost anything. If there are areas in your garage where the insulation is showing, mice will go to town! Once through the insulation, mice will also eat their way through any taped areas in your home. When they installed the drywall in your home, it is pretty common for them to have areas where there were gaps between the sheets of drywall. They are able to cover these places using a tape that closes the gaps. While the homeowner will not be able to see the gaps once the tape is on, mice can easily and quickly eat their way through the tape and into your home. If you start to notice small holes in the drywalls cracks of your home you should be aware of the possibility that mice have taken over your home.

Don’t Leave Food Out

Ultimately, mice want food and a warm place to live. If there is food available to the little critters they are going to want to stay forever, and invite all of their friends. One of the easiest ways to keep mice out of your home is to be sure that there is not food for them to eat. Making sure that your pantries are closed well and food is contained in good, strong containers will discourage mice from making your home theirs.

Mice will go to great lengths to be sure that they have a great home to live in. You should be sure to check the exterior of your home for openings so mice do not have any easy access into the home. It is also important that if mice do get inside, they do not want to stay inside.

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