Interesting Facts About Black Cats

Having a black cat is like having a miniature black panther as part of your family, so it is no wonder that these kitties are loved by so many people. But beyond their good looks, these cats also have fantastic personalities, and there are a few interesting facts surrounding these felines as well. Check out the information below to learn more about them.

Black Cats Are Often Overlooked in Shelters

Many shelters find it more difficult to adopt out black cats. Unfortunately, a lot of people overlook black cats because other colors, such as tabby, orange, and white, are more eye-catching. And some people even think that black cats are bad luck, which is absolutely ridiculous. Black cats are just like all other cats, and they are just as loving, friendly, and devoted to their family. Plus, in some cultures, black cats are considered good luck!

The Black Fur Could “Rust”

If your black cat inherited the tabby stripe gene, and if he spends a lot of time napping and relaxing in the sunshine, his black fur might start to showcase a more rusty brown hue. That’s because the sun’s rays could end up breaking down the pigment in the black fur, thereby revealing the tabby stripes beneath.

There Is Only One Black Cat Breed

A gorgeous black coat could be showcased by cats from a wide range of breeds, including mixed breeds and purebreds. But there is one breed in the cat world that will always feature a black coat, and that is the Bombay. You will not find the Bombay in another color or pattern, and that is because the breed was actually developed specifically to make the cats resemble little panthers.

Most Have Copper Eyes and Most Are Male

You could find black cats that feature beautiful green eyes, but the most common eye color for black cats is actually copper. This is probably due to the fact that there is such a high level of melanin within a black cat’s body. That melanin contributes to the development of the shiny black coat, as well as the striking copper eyes.

On top of that, there are often more male black cats than female black cats. The pigmentation that leads to a completely black coat is simply more common in males. However, black female kitties aren’t all that rare either, so you should find it quite easy to find and adopt one.

Black Cats Might Actually Be Healthier

Experts who have done research into the genes that cause a cat to have a black coat have found that those genes might even make the cats more resistant to disease. On top of that, black cats also have an advantage when it comes to hunting because they can more easily hide from their prey because of their dark coat.

Now that you know more about black cats, you might be ready to introduce one into your family. Remember, there are a lot of black cats and kittens of all ages up for adoption in shelters and with rescue groups and foster networks, so definitely think about adopting one rather than shopping for one.

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