Health Problems Associated with Golden Retrievers

As one of the most traditional breeds, Golden Retrievers are a wonderful type of dog to have in a family-centered home. With a calm and loving temperament, these gun dogs are the perfect pet to have growing up alongside your children, especially due to the long life-span of around 10 to 12 years. If you are looking to adopt one of these beautiful dogs however, you should be aware of some of the common ailments associated with this breed. From joint dysplasia to skin conditions, it is important that you remain on top of these disorders and how you can control them. With the help of your vet and the additional aide of supplements, your pooches’ life can be as healthy and happy as you intend to make it.

Skin Conditions

Among several breeds of dogs, skin conditions can be a nuisance for those possessing them. However, Golden Retrievers are more susceptible to irritations such as Seborrhea and Lipomas. From excessive biting to patches of missing fur,it is important to recognize the symptoms before they persist into something unbearable for your pet. They are unable to communicate their pain, so, as their owners, they rely heavily on you.

By running your fingers through their fur, you should be able to notice bumps, hot spots or seeping sores if they have been affected by a skin condition. These can be caused mostly through self-infliction; however, the underlying issues involved often consist of:

  1. Dermatological allergies
  2. Parasites (i.e. mites and ticks)
  3. Lack of grooming

By speaking to your vet, they should recommend a course of treatment to help ease the irritation of the bites, allowing your pooch to be relieved and allowed to relax.


Canine Dysplasia

Canine dysplasia is a common form of sometimes severe discomfort within a dog’s hips or elbow joints. This is caused by an unusual formation of the socket and ball of the joint that can eventually end in lameness or arthritis. Factors that generally influence this disorder in Golden Retrievers include:

  1. Genetic susceptibility
  2. Rapid gain or loss of weight
  3. Types of nutrition in the selected diet

All in all, your pooches’ mobility will be greatly affected, thus causing them an excessive amount of pain. Therefore, it is important to seek help from your vet and any other form of supplements available on the market. Elk Velvet Antler supplements for easier mobility is one of the more advisable forms of supplemental relief for your pet, providing the necessary relief until your medical advisor prescribes the ideal remedial treatment for a long-term fix.

So, don’t just stand around and watch your pet suffer. Contact your vet and ask for their advice on animal supplements now. Your Golden Retriever’s health problems shouldn’t just be reliant on prescribed medication, so interfere as much as you can with wonderful, renewable products such as Elk Velvet Antler supplements for your pets. Their pain may be impacting their lives more than you think, so isn’t the option to ease this more comforting?

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