Signs and Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Because you are reading this article, you are probably suspecting that your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Normally, when a dog is separated from you, he would bark occasionally, sleep, or chew his toys. An adult dog can be left on his own for 8 hours or longer and he will be fine. However, if the following are manifested, then he could be suffering from separation anxiety:

1. He shows inappropriate behavior as soon as he realizes you are going to leave him. Examples of these behaviors are: urinating in the house or excessive barking.

2. He will follow you wherever you go. If you go to the kitchen, he will go with you; if you go to the toilet, he wants to go with you too, and if you disallow it, he becomes distressed.

3. He is overly excited and extremely happy when you arrive, and it takes him sometime before he relaxes.

Here are some of the behaviors that commonly become apparent in your dog if he suffers from separation anxiety:

* Whining
* Excessive licking
* Making holes in the ground
* Defecating inside the house
* Diarrhea
* Salivating
* Loss of appetite
* Self-afflicted injuries
* Howling
* Chewing anything in sight
* Vomiting
* Crying

He may also show destructive behavior such as damaging furniture, windows, doors, and clothes.

You should also understand that certain breeds such as German Shepherds have higher tendencies of developing anxiety, and it is said that mixed breeds are more likely to suffer from it. If you plan to get a dog as pet, you might want to do a bit of research first on breeds with low separation anxiety tendencies. Such a condition is also not relative to how you care for your pet; two dogs in the same house may react differently when being separated from you. One of them could be crying and whining, while the other may just lie down and sleep.

Take note however that even if these signs and symptoms are clearly manifested in your dog’s behavior, separation anxiety is not always the culprit. Other times it could just be bad behavior, or perhaps your dog has illness that causes him to act that way.

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