Raleighwood Petsitting

Ever have those long meetings at work that run into your lunch break? What about those long nights and early mornings that consume all your time? When this happens, what gets neglected? Ever think about your pets? They don’t get the exercise or care that they need or deserve when events like this happen. What if you could hire someone to walk your dog
for you while you were at work? What if your pet(s) could stay at a house where
someone could watch and play with them while you were out? This way they could
get the tender love and care that they need while you can get the things done
that you need. How is this possible?

Raleighwood Petsitting

Raleighwood Petsitting is your one stop shop for all your pets’ needs. We can walk your dog, take your dog to the park, stop by to give your dog a potty break, and much more. For those who don’t have the time to get back home during the day to make sure that their pets are taken
care of can have peace of mind that Raleighwood Petsitting is taking care of their pets in the best way possible. Learn more about our rates and our extensive services such as:

Dog Walks:

  •     $17 – 30-minute visit/walk
  •     $15 – 15-minute visit / walk
  •     $13 – 10-minute visit / potty break
  •     $25 – 45-minute visit / walk
  •     $30 – 60-minute visit / walk

We can take care of your pet in your home where they are comfortable and know
their surroundings or we can board them at our petsitters home while you are
away on vacation or if you know that you won’t make it back in time to feed and walk
them. Our service is impeccable and comes second to none. This is what makes us
your first call to take care of your pets needs and the offer services as flexible as you are.

We can accommodate any situation that you encounter. Selling your house? Leave your
pet with a sitter while you show your home. Going on vacation? Leave your pet with a sitter while you go. No more booking kennels where they will be kept in all day with no human interaction or love. Leave them with a sitter who can give them the care and attention that they need while you are away.

Boarding (in sitters home)

  • $50 boarding fee
  •     $20 per add’l dog
  •     $45 (Dogs 10 lbs. or less or Cats
  •     $20 per add’l dog/cat

Day Boarding (in petsitters home)

  •     $25 for 1-3 Hours of Boarding
  •     $45 for 4-6 Hours of Boarding
  •     Contact us for after hours boarding prices

Whatever your needs may be Raleighwood Petsitting is here for you no
matter the situation that you may find yourself in. We here at Raleighwood Petsitting have the same commitment to your pets’ happiness as you do. Please call us to find out more about our services that offer. We are here to help you and your pets.

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